Membership Expiry

Membership Expiry Notice

Once a membership lapses and is no longer active, areas reserved for members will no longer be accessible. This page will act as a notice and will help members to renew their membership, if they wish to.

Contact Us

Great British Business Alliance is a trading name of Black Raven Limited, incorporated at Companies House, registration number 4056982.

We can be reached by mail by writing to:

       Great British Business Alliance
       Kemp House
       152-160 City Road
       EC1V 2NX

For general enquiries

Call 0203 002 8899
or, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To contact Roger Ellis directly

e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or phone 07860-847743

To contact Sharon Michaels directly

e-mail her on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or phone 07850-324250

Our Objectives

Relationships have always been important in business. Relationships can generate trust, they can provide for the flow of proprietary information both on business opportunities and on business practices and crucially they can reduce dependence on price-based competition. Particularly in a recessionary environment, relationships are arguably even more important. Networking is now well recognised as an essential activity for business leaders in developing relationships. While social networking amongst the younger generation is now largely on-line, there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction when it comes to business networking.

Senior executives in small and medium sized enterprises face particular challenges in networking. They may well be members of local organisations such as Chambers of Commerce or perhaps Rotary. However, they typically lack a broader, national networking club. Networking at a national level offers even greater opportunities, especially if an international opportunities dimension is added, for example in Dubai.

The key objectives of the Great British Business Alliance are:

  1. Strengthen customer relations
  2. Acquire new customers
  3. Motivate employees
  4. Enjoy yourself and relax!


Membership Benefits

The Great British Business Alliance will allow all executives, particularly those in small and medium sized enterprises, the opportunity to join a major national networking club for a low cost outlay. Membership will offer two key benefits:

  • The opportunity to network with other executives at a series of specially designed events. Events will include drinks receptions and some dinners and will be designed to facilitate networking. While the prime purpose is networking, some events will be constructed around particular business themes, for example via the choice of guest speaker.
  • The opportunity to access high status locations and well-known individuals. The opportunity to visit - and entertain - at prestigious locations (such as the House of Lords, the House of Commons, an Inn of Court, a City Livery Hall etc) and to meet leading celebrities, politicians and business leaders through the wealth of contacts the Alliance possesses. It is unlikely that membership of other clubs or associations offers this kind of access.


  • It is also a core tenet of our strategy that the Alliance will be positioned as an elite organisation with unquestioned standards and ethics.



Why is membership generally restricted to "Business Owners" or Senior Management?

This is to protect the interests of our members. By taking the trouble to ensure that each applicant is a genuine business decision maker we ensure that the quality of contacts remains high. We are also able to weed out the less honourable contingent that exists in business. A minimal vetting procedure protects all concerned.

Why is membership of The Great British Business Alliance just £99 per year (plus VAT) when all the other organisations charge so much?

Our aim is to remain as cost effective as possible. Many organisations see such networking clubs as purely a money making venture for themselves. Whereas we exist to help businesses wherever we can and in turn we strive to keep our own operating costs to a minimum so we can remain competitive and affordable for all businesses.

Do I have to join a different club/chapter for each town/city that I operate in?

No. As a member of The Great British Business Alliance you are a member nationwide and are welcome to all events no matter where in the country you travel.

Many organisations operate a "One member per profession/trade policy" is this the same with The Alliance?

A definite no! We do not impose any restrictive practices at all. No one business can satisfy the needs of all customers. We promote and encourage healthy competition.

If I don't manage to get to all the BBA meetings or events will I be penalised?

No. We recognise that as a business owner your time is precious and the last thing we want to do is disrupt your working business pattern. Of course we would like to see you, but if you are too busy to attend we are happy for you.

Do I have to get up at the crack of dawn for business breakfasts every week?

No. As far as possible we like to organise events that are at the end of the normal business day. Mornings are the most productive time of day for most businesses and we would prefer that you enjoying that productivity at your place of business.

Who can join The Great British Business Alliance?

We invite and receive membership applications from business owners/decision makers from all trades and professions no matter what size their business.

Do I have to be British to join The Great British Business Alliance?

No....It is our intention to build a global network of entrepreneurs who seek to establish business partnerships with British Companies. We already have members from many countries.

Do I have to be based in the UK to be a member of The BBA?

No... we have members in many countries worldwide.

Will my contact details be sold to third parties?

No. Your details will only be shared with fellow members of the Great British Business Alliance. If a third party company seeks to make an offer to members we channel that offer directly via our Website, E-newsletter & Events. We do not pass your details on to third parties. 

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